Change Your Script, Change Your Life!

scared woman sitting in a box

Today I want to talk a little about fear of success and self-sabotage.

It’s safe to say most, if not all of us, have some form of self-sabotage.

For example, I recently saw in an article that by January 17th, most people have already given up their New Year’s resolutions.

So I’m sure we’re all well aware of WHAT self-sabotage is.

But do you know what is behind it? Or how it shows up in your life?  

I’ve heard quite a bit of people say they may have a fear of success. But I disagree with that 100%.

NO ONE is afraid of success.

How do I know this?

Because as humans, we have an innate desire to succeed. It’s built into our survival mechanism.

For instance, I have a 4-month-old daughter. The very fact that she cries means she has a desire that she wants to have fulfilled.

Is it possible she’s afraid of having her needs met? That would be absurd to even think about it in that way, right?

So why give yourself that excuse?

It’s a basic need for humans to have desires and to fulfill them. This is an internal, almost unconscious driving force. We also have an unconscious drive to WANT to achieve well-being in all areas of life.  

It’s almost always the case that the fear of success is about something deeper. Like what it would mean for you and your relationships if you did achieve success. Or what it would mean for your identity.

So if the fear of success isn’t at the root of self-sabotage, what is?

Here’s what could be behind self-sabotage:

  • Perfectionism.
  • Procrastination.
  • Negative self-talk.
  • Avoidance.
  • Staying in your comfort zone and avoiding change.
  • Setting your bar far too low to achieve any success.
  • Attempting to gain outside approval.
  • Making excuses.
  • Taking action on tasks that don’t relate to your goal or core values.
  • Comparing yourself to others.
  • Isolating yourself or social withdrawal.

My struggles have been perfectionism, staying in my comfort zone, and attempting to gain outside approval.

Those were the top three areas that I had to work through on a conscious level before I was able to resign from my 9-5. Before that, I was in denial that those were even my issues. But over a few 1-on-1 sessions, my life coach helped me realize that they were the root of the problem.

Once I cleared them, moving on was as natural as breathing. It became the next logical step.

What about you? What do you think drives your self-sabotage?

My job as your empowerment coach is to help you get to the root of these issues.

From there, we identify a way forward so you know what to DO to make sure those issues no longer hold you back from experiencing the life you deserve.

When you can see the root of why you take the actions you do (or DON’T) to achieve your goals, then you can take your power back. And you will be so much further ahead of the game.

So many times, people want the cheat code or a magic elevator to success. If only life was that easy!

But here’s the kicker. While life may not be easy, per se, it can be simple if you understand some foundational concepts. 

And if you’re looking for that cheat code, then here it is — self-awareness.

This unlocks pandora’s box for transforming limiting beliefs and kicking self-sabotage to the curb.

Also, it opens the doorway for you to begin to transform from the inside out and create NEW beliefs that serve you rather than hurt you.

If you aren’t sure where to go from here and want more support, then click here to book a call with me to see if coaching would be a good fit for you. I’d love to support you 1-on-1 or in a group coaching setting.

And don’t forget, I believe in you 100%.

Even if no one else does.

Even if you have failed in the past.

And even if you don’t believe in yourself.

If you’re ready to finally let go of self-sabotaging thoughts and limiting beliefs, then we can do this together.